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Music - June 22, 2021

Music Marketing: The 5 Music Marketing Strategy Tips That Works For All Artist.

The 5 Music Marketing Strategy Tips That Works For All Artist.

Every Music Marketing company you run out to for streams on Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Youtube views they are all illegitimate, fake and has been scamming you all this while if you’re one of those who involve in that. THEY ARE NOT REAL.

Spotify can differentiate between real streams and fake streams so you’re not getting paid for your hard work instead you get just $1 for thousands of fake streams, Do you ever ask yourself why?

If a company ever guarantee you views, streams, plays etc. It’s a scam, You need to start marketing your music yourself, it might cost you a lot of money, time and energy but trust me, it’s worth it.

5 Music Marketing Strategy Tips That You’ll Ever Need:-

  1. You Dont Have To Be Great, You Just Have to be Heard:- Come to think of it, the reasons why songs from popular artists like Drake, Wizkid, Olamide and the likes becomes hit aren’t because the songs are so amazing, You think your major talent is going to get you through NO it’s the Awareness that the song exist, Your song just have to be good it doesn’t even have to be Amazing but Of course if the song is Amazing its going to move faster, grow faster and trend much longer. All you need is Eye balls on you.
  2. Organic Traffic:- What must artist don’t understand is that there are two types of Traffic for music marketing, There is Paid Traffic and Organic traffic. As an artist it’s important to understand the difference between the two, So let me break it down. ORGANIC TRAFFIC Is new listeners that stumble upon your music that you don’t not pay for, this happens from people who are already fans, Sharing your music, adding it to playlists, mixtapes, Ranking in a search engine that comes up organically. Now! PAID TRAFFIC is actually the true secret in gaining a fanbase faster and quicker and also this is what most artist neglect doing Paid traffic means you’re guaranteed people are hearing your music no matter what its REAL LISTENERS, REAL PEOPLE, REAL STREAMS. And the most beautiful thing about Paid traffic is that’s when you start doing enough paid traffic you’ll start gaining fans and this fans start sharing your music and you’ll start getting Hire UrbanGist Media for Music Promotion Click Here ORGANIC TRAFFIC. Paid traffic is doing, Blog Distribution, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads.
  3. Do a Music Video For Your Songs:- What most artist music video gets more awareness than audio everyone knows actions speaks louder than voice, people what to see the person behind the voice they hear.
  4. Do More Of YouTube ADS:- Once you have a music video you can do Youtube ADS running YouTube Ads is very useful because people use YouTube More in this generation and YouTube ADS is always sticky. Watching just 30 seconds would also create awareness for your music setting up in steam.
  5. Run Instagram Story ADS:- The fastest way to get Spotify Streams is running Instagram Ads, because people using Instagram are simply bored, When someone sees a preview of your music on Instagram they are likely to click on the link because they are BORED


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